Hope for Justice Brand Guide

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Brand Overview

01Brand video // Freedom’s flight

02Brand vision

We want to live in a world free from slavery.

03Brand Mission

We exist to bring an end to modern slavery by preventing exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives and reforming society.

04Brand manifesto

We see a world free from slavery without oppression and persecution. Where every human is free and equal. Every person can be a force for good.

05Tone of voice

We are never hectoring.
We are never judgemental.
Neither do we overstate, distort or misrepresent the scale or nature of our mission.
We are professional and proficient.
We don’t just list problems – we offer optimistic solutions and take action.
We speak naturally. Confidently. Clearly.
With empathy, sympathy and simple humanity.
We are all-inclusive – welcoming everyone to join our common cause.
The passion we have for our purpose will run through the DNA of everything we say.
And, ultimately, the words we use and the messages they create inspire a positive sense of hope in every reader.

06Our Language

Hope // Freedom // Optimism // Happiness // Empower // Energy // Purspose // Confidence

End Slavery. Change Lives.

Brand Identity

01colours - Primary

Respecting the brand's heritage the colour scheme has been chosen to convey a strong and confident voice, embracing a forward-step and aligning it in the modern cultural landscape. Our primary brand colors are red, white and black. They are used to convey our brand values while providing accessibility, simplicity, and consistency throughout all brand communications.

Use Pantone colours where possible.

Hope for Justice Red

PANTONE | 2035C /U
CMYK | 0 100 100 0
RGB | 214 0 28
HEX | D6001C

Hope for Justice Black

CMYK | 76 65 66 90
RGB | 33 35 34
HEX | 212322

Plain White

CMYK | 0 0 0 0
RGB | 255 255 255 255

Freedom Wall Grey

CMYK | 47 34 29 10
RGB | 142 158 148
HEX | 8E949E

1.2colours - secondary

Dark purple

CMYK | 68 67 40 67
RGB | 49 51 55
HEX | 312937

Light Blue

CMYK | 44 10 0 0
RGB | 139 190 232


CMYK | 0 16 80 0
RGB | 255 200 69
HEX | FFC845


CMYK | 64 3 57 3
RGB | 92 170 127

1.3colours - tints

A tint is a percentage of a solid colour. Using tints allows for a variation in tone, whilst using only one spot colour. It’s economical and consistent while providing the designer with more scope when it comes to the supporting colour palette.

Use them in increments of 10%.


Our typography has been selected to convey powerful, emotive messages while instiling a sense of authority.

FK Screamer Legacy is a key element in our brand. It works to maintain consistency, create clarity, and provide a clear voice for the brand as a global leader in the fight against slavery. It has been chosen based on its activist style in order to maximize its impact across all applications while keeping it easy to read, ownable, and highly recognisable.

Canela Medium has been chosen for its authority in delivering editorial style messages to the audience while providing a juxtaposition to the powerful bold characters of FK Screamer.

To complement both these typefaces and be agile across all platforms, Apercu was selected to be used for smaller applications such as sub-headers and body copy.

Headlines, statements and key facts


Headlines and quotes - Secondary font

Canela Medium

Headlines and body copy

Apercu regular

Apercu italic

Apercu bold

2.1Type Examples


We exist to bring an end to modern slavery by preventing exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives and reforming society.

End slavery. change lives.

We’re out to change
the world

Children reached
through our work:



Our symbol is the embodiment of our mission to change lives. The sustaining hope and optimism that we can and will live in a better world

Download logos

3.1Logo - systems

Our 5 logos offer a range of possibilities for representing the brand across different communication platforms.

The logo marque is the core logo of the Hope for Justice brand. Embodying the mission to change lives and end slavery.

The logotype can be used stand alone or to supplement the logo marque when the Hope for Justice brand needs reinforcing, this diversity allows the marque and logotype to be expressed in different ways to multiple target audiences.

The logoform connects the Hope for Justice name to the marque and communicates both parts of the brand in the most direct way.

Logo marque

Logo type

3.2Logo - exclusion zone

An exclusion zone has been designed to create a clear space around the logo. To ensure clarity, it is important that other elements do not enter the exclusion zone. The exclusion zone is based upon the height of the logotype. To maintain a strong brand image it is important that the logos are always applied consistently and never manipulated or distorted.


Goal: To convey a sense of hope and the transformative actions of Hope for Justice.
Casting: People are relatable and diverse
Interactions: Express support
Compositions: Ensure negative space and convey a sense of optimism
Lighting and colour: Natural with increased contrast
Portraits: Simple, powerful and direct

Portrait style images can be used to connect with the audience and are intended to grab their attention where time is critical (e.g. fund raising/advertising campaigns, website home page). The photography must convey a strong sense of purpose, empowering the audience.

4.1Client protection

In circumstances where the identity of our clients must be withheld focus on details of the individual to convey their story, for example their hands or the back of the head with the subject in thought or engaged in an everyday acitivity.

There should be no elements within the photographs that make the subject identifiable (e.g. eyes, tattoos, specific jewellery, written names).

05Application examples

The composition system has been designed to be simple and flexible across all applications. The minimal style of the composition allows for maximum impact of messaging and imagery without any distractions. The use of these grid systems will help to achieve a consistent look across all marketing material.

Hope for Justice is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization in the USA, a registered charity in England & Wales (no. 1126097) and in Scotland (no. SC045769), and a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales, number 6563365. In Norway, Hope for Justice AS is registered under Organisasjonsnummer 915 520 995.